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Fishing Report Posted: May 03, 2009

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 03, 2009 at 16:56:36:

May ! I have never been more happy to put the month of April behind us ! You could count on only a few fingers the amount of days that it was actually a joy to be out last month. Cold, wind, snow, rain, we had it all ! And through all of that, super dirty water to fish in to boot. It was enough to drive a feller to drink. ( just a little red wine each evening for "medicinal purposes" only LOL ! ) Hopefully May will be kinder to all of us that enjoy spending our time on Lake Erie.

This past week at the western basin and here out at Port Clinton things went about as well as could be expected. We got blown off Tuesday and Wednesday and the rest of the week was windy but fishable. We managed to get in the 20's each day still jigging rather close to shore. Lots and lots of junk fish are starting to turn on in this area as well with the warmer water temperatures now in the mid 50's. Sad to see the crap fish becoming such a nuisance already because that generally spells the beginning of the end of for the jig fishing program.

The weekend was nice for a change and we managed to have our best trip yet on Saturday with 34 Walleyes landed. The boat traffic was incredible Saturday with the nice weather . Sunday was a bit slower again for us but we still got up into the mid twentys for numbers. The Sheephead on Sunday on the other hand were on fire and we had one of the more horrific junk fish days I've had in a long time. We just could not get away from them and from what I heard on the radio everybody had the same problem. We did capture and release some very nice Smallmouth Bass this past week as well. Might be time to throw a flat of crawlers on the boat and even start thinking about the trolling gear. We'll see what this week brings !

Work has slowed back home on the new sea wall / bulkhead for River Marine as they await the contractor that is going to be doing the actual pile driving of the new steel wall. Work on this phase of the operation is scheduled to begin in earnest this coming week. I am really squirming with what to me seems like really slow progress but everyone that is in the know back there still assures me it will be completely done by the end of this month. I can only wait and see and hope I have a dock waiting for me when I return home in about 3 weeks now. YIKES ! Any which way, it will feel good to head home. Speaking of which, we actually have quite a few open dates still open for a Ashtabula summer trolling trip for the trophy Walleye trolling part of our season. The dates will go, they always do so if anybody is interested call me as soon as you can on my boat/ mobile number 216-387-2656 before its too late. We'll be back in Ashtabula and fishing before you know it !

Capt. Walt

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