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Fishing Report Posted: April 26, 2009

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 26, 2009 at 14:48:51:

Will it ever get easy and stay that way ? After yet another four days earlier this past week of cold and windy days it was as if somebody hit a switch and turned on the heat. Just one thing though, they forgot to turn off the wind switch. After days of strong north east winds and barely a break in between, we got hammered this weekend with strong south west winds starting Friday which again made jigging difficult at best. And it certainly has not done us any favors with the water clarity issues either. It just blows and blows and blows and the water does not have a chance to really clean up. It's been very frustrating to have to work so hard to try and catch some fish and yet knowing that by this time of April the jig fishing for Walleyes should be silly easy. Maybe we've just been spoiled the last few years who knows but I for one am certainly beginning to feel a bit frustrated.

Thursday was the first day anybody was able to get out after the big north east four day blow. We ended up running out to the Niagara Reef to try and find some cleaner water. It was a bit better out there but not by much and the fishing was still slow. We ended up with only about 15 Walleyes. Friday blew like crazy out of the south west and we were limited to tucking up to the south shore off the Moose Club here in Port Clinton just to be able to fish. 8 or 9 Walleyes was all that we could manage to catch in the super dirty water in close and the screaming fast drift. By Saturday the water had cleared up some and although the south west wind still howled we somehow managed to catch 28 in the same area. A good day and Sunday was actually a bit calmer allowing us to capture yet another 28 Walleyes. Sign of things to come ? I hope !

I've been putting some pictures up in this springs fishing reports here from Port Clinton of the work being done back home at my home marina at Ashtabula, the River Marina where I dock the rest of the season after Memorial Day. These have been pictures of the work being done to repair the sea wall and bulk heads that suffered major damage after they collapsed into the river last August. I've had some that have never been to Ashtabula ask what did the little marina look like before the collapse ? Well here is a picture of River Marine taken from across the Ashtabula River before all of the carnage. If you look closely, you can even see "The Trophy" docked to the very left of the handful of boats docked there. A picture of happier times for sure. In the meanwhile, I guess the work continues but not with out it's fair share of setbacks such as equipment breaking and such. I hope they pick up the pace. Memorial Day is around the corner !

So we're already entering the last few days of April. The "Trophy" has been in the water for well over a month now. Fishing has not been real easy so far most of the time but we have still caught some nice fish. We all have to assume that much better days are coming soon if they have not already arrived marked by this weekends decent catches. It's just a shame that the jig fishing bite that so many people enjoy will soon be over with now and we'll have to move on to other methods including trolling which some feel is not nearly as much fun. It is what it is. I will do what I have to do to put fish in the boat and I hope everybody still has a lot of fun no matter what form of fishing we're doing. I also hope that we have some calmer days to do it in ! Like I had mentioned, I'm starting to get frustrated with all this wind we've been having. We still have a few open dates left for anyone interested in a May trip along with this coming Thursday, April 30th which is still open as of right now and I would really like to fill. Give me a call at 216-387-2656 if you would like to secure one of these last few open dates that we have left for a Port Clinton Walleye trip here in the "Walleye Capitol Of The World" !

Capt. Walt

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