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Fishing Report Posted: April 19, 2009

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 19, 2009 at 14:55:49:

A break in the weather. We finally had a stretch of a few nice days in a row here at Port Clinton and the jig bite went very well. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were the kind of days on the lake that we all dream about. Flat seas and the Walleyes cooperating nicely ! In fact, it was almost too easy for us a couple of the days. Aboard "The Trophy" we are strictly on a hair lead head jig program right now. Probably the most fun way of catching these tasty fish in my opinion. Just toss it out, let it sink to the bottom and bam, you got one ! OK, I made it sound a bit too easy but hey, when it's good around here, it's really good !!

We even started to see a few Smallmouth's this past week. After a few quick photos they were all returned safely back to the water for someone else to catch. Water temperatures as I observed them are really trying to push the 50 degree mark now. The cleaner water, what little there is of it is still around 45 degrees but you get into to the dirtier water and you can find 49 degrees just that quick. The lake is really trying to clear up as well. It is remarkably better then it was just a week or so ago. We found our best fishing right on the breaks where the clearer water meets the stained. The purple colored jigs once again are working in this brackish mixed water.

Sundays weather and fishing was a bust again with strong and cold N.E. winds greeting everybody right out the gate in the morning. Very few boats lasted all day out there and even fewer caught any fish due to the conditions. Fishing out in the open waters was out of the question for any length of time and the sheltered area on the lee side of Catawba Island was muddy and unproductive. Such is spring fishing on Erie, feast or famine. Looks like the next few days again are going to suck as well. Hopefully things will get nice again by the latter part of this week like they are calling for.

Work continues back home in Ashtabula at "The Trophy's" home marina, River Marine to replace the collapsed sea wall. I guess they've had some equipment breaking issues this past week so I'm not sure how much work got done. When they do get it finished, it will be really cool to return home to what will seem and be a brand new facility. Everyone that has fished with me in the past back home knows what a convenient hub for the charter fleet River Marine was. It was sadly missed after it closed late last summer and we all had to find dockage elsewhere wherever we could up the river. It sure will be nice to return "home" to where "The Trophy" belongs . Open dates now on my boat are getting fewer and further between and it looks like "The Trophy" is going to get quite busy from here on out. Give me a call if you would like a list of whatever dates are still left. 216-387-2656 is the number to call and if I'm not busy netting a plump Lake Erie Walleye, I'll gladly take your call ! Tight lines ...

Capt. Walt

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