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Fishing Report Posted: April 12, 2009

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 12, 2009 at 19:12:48:

Better. That describes the only trip that we were actually able to get in this past week because of all the lousy weather. You name it, we had it. Snow, rain, gale winds, the whole 10 yards. After loosing Saturdays trip to the weather, we were finally were greeted with a pretty nice day on the big lake on Easter Sunday and I was able to get my one charter for the week in. And things went better. Even with the dirty water, we managed to get into the high teens for numbers for my four man trip. Like I said, better.

We actually had quite a few other fish on that came unglued. If we could have managed to land more of those, we might have limited the boat out ! Reef fishing was the ticket for us and the shallower spots on the reefs that we tried seemed to be holding the most active fish. Considering how muddy the water still is, there had to be a ton of fish on the rocks to catch anything. Blade baits in a Fire Tiger pattern and 5/8 oz. jigs in both purple and pink contributed about equally I would say. Water temps are still not really going anywhere and are holding around 43 degrees. Still a few degrees away from that magical 50 degree mark. Give me that and a little bit more water clarity and oh baby ...

Back at my home marina back at Ashtabula work had entered it's second week in repairing the collapsed seawall from last summers disaster. This past weeks efforts centered around moving some of the remaining busted up concrete out of the way and doing other preparation work before the actual new wall goes in. From what I'm gathering they hope to start pile driving the new steel wall in this coming week. I'm sure that they didn't have the best of weather this past week to work with either. Still, they are hoping to have everything repaired and be open for business by mid May. Just in time for my home coming right after Memorial Day. I will keep everyone posted as to their progress.

So that's it for this week. I have Monday thru Friday available this coming week for a charter if anyone is looking for a spur of the moment trip. The fishing appears to have turned the corner and hopefully we can build from today's successful outing and anyone of these open dates should be an excellent choice for someone providing the weather cooperates. As always, I can be reached for a booking on my boat/ mobile number 216-387-2656. We start getting pretty busy after next week so you don't want to wait too long if you would like to catch a day aboard "The Trophy" catching Lake Erie gold, the mighty tasty Walleye !

Capt. Walt

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