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Fishing Report Posted: April 05, 2009

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 05, 2009 at 16:00:06:

Not much to write about. Well, that's it for this weeks fishing report. Actually that's not far from the truth. Mother nature has not been very kind to us thus far this early spring season. Last weeks weather here on the lake was very tough and this coming weeks doesn't look to be much better. I lost my charters due to the gale force winds Friday and Saturday and Sundays fishing was very slow in the super muddy waters that this past weeks winds created.

If we ever get a string of nice days in a row I really believe that these fish are ready to cut loose. Sunday we fished the Toussaint Reef and I'm telling you the fish are stacked in there. I was simply amazed as to how many fish marks I was seeing on my super sophisticated Raymarine fish finders. And even though we managed to catch a few, the majority of the fish simply can't see the lures in the very muddy water and the ones that do are simply not interested in opening their mouths . It will get better. It always does ...

One bright newsworthy item for those that have been following along or fish with me back at Ashtabula and that is that the work has finally begun to rebuild River Marines docks and sea wall. A lot of you know that the entire bulkhead of the marina collapsed into the Ashtabula River after a river dredging project undermined the 100 year old structure. After 8 months of sitting idle, materials such as steel for the new seawall have started to arrive along with the heavy equipment to do the job. Work should start in earnest this coming week. I will try to keep everybody updated in the coming weeks as to their progress.

In the mean time lets hope that this weather straitens out and that we can get back to the incredibility awesome spring Walleye fishing that Port Clinton and the whole western basin offers this time of year. Nobody has missed anything yet so far and if you want to schedule a trip in the upcoming weeks you should be right in the thick of things. We still have some open dates to choose from so if you're interested, give me a call on my boat/ mobile # 216-387-2656 and I would be happy to hook you up. You don't want to miss out when these babies finally light up !

Capt. Walt

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