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Fishing Report Posted: March 29, 2009

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on March 29, 2009 at 11:57:04:

It's like we never even left ... "The Trophy" slipped quietly back into the water for the season March the 22nd and unlike last spring last year ,she was not greeted with massive ice flows and icebergs. In fact, after a record hard and cold winter, spring seems to be actually ahead of schedule. The western basin has been ice free now for over 2 weeks and guys have already been jigging up some very impressive catches despite the calendar saying it is still only March.

After a windy start to last week, Thursday and Friday were mirror calm days on the big pond and we just could not resist the temptation to go out and try to catch some icy cold Walleyes for dinner ourselves. Thursday was easy and we jigged up a 3 man limit on Heddon Sonar's in just a few hours. We found the fish in 14-15 feet of water just out from Turtle Creek where the mud line changed slightly and the cleaner water quickly changed to mud.

Friday we tried a little hump that I like to fish a bit closer to Port Clinton that not too many people know about. We only managed 10 Walleyes landed and lost a few close to the net this day. A bit slower day but nicer fish with a couple around 5-6 lbs. Saturday Mother Nature was up to her old tricks and a very stiff and cold N.E. wind had the lake churned up to a big frothy muddy mess again. We only managed a few fish before giving up cold and disappointed as to how fast the wind can ruin things this time of year. Such is the nature of the beast when it comes to super early spring fishing.

Things should get more consistent with each passing day now though however as we gain water temperature. The last few days I recorded the water right around 41 degrees. Not bad considering we were still mostly ice covered still a year ago. Once we get the water temp's into the 50's and beyond, look out ! Things become crazy good out there with too quick a limits being the next problem ! LOL, that's one problem I don't mind dealing with ! We have lots of available open dates to choose from in April, my favorite month. Give me a call on my boat/ mobile number 216-387-2656 if you're interested in an awesome fun filled jigging trip aboard "The Trophy" . I'm ready to go at a minutes notice !

Capt. Walt

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