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Fishing Report Posted: January 24, 2009

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Posted by Capt. Bob Hughley on January 24, 2009 at 09:00:30:

I will update the conditions again next week. Right now Catawba Island State Park is a zoo. Yesterday I arrived at the park around 7 am and it was still dark and the parking lot was almost filled. There was 40 or more sleds and 4 wheelers taking off in the dark. I always wait until it's light to see were I'm going, GPS or not it's ice! When I came back fishermen were parking on the ice, which I have seen vehicles pulled out of holes by the dock in years past.

Rickards Bait and Tackle had a line out the door for bait and it's not going to get any better until we start moving the operations west to Crane Creek.

The ice is around 10" thick and there is a crack about 1/2 mile off the dock. The path is fairly good out about one mile and then it starts. Shanty towns are showing up 7-8 miles northwest, 5 miles west, and 2-4 miles southwest. Fish are reported being caught, alot of 13-14 inch walleyes are being taken also. Remember the size limit is 15 inches on the big lake.

Yesterday I saw a fisherman on a bike and a yellow single engine plane land on the ice in the afternoon. Like I said it's crazy out there and it can only get worst on the weekends.

I will kept the site updated, I plan to fish all next week and if there is someone that wants to fish just give me a ring, 1-877-434-9711.

Remember, there is a current out there that can make fishable ice into bad ice very quickly.

Good fishin
Capt Bob Hughey

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