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Fishing Report Posted: January 19, 2009

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Posted by Capt. Bob Hughley on January 19, 2009 at 18:27:53:

We the good news has arrived ths past weekend. The shanties started to show up at Catawba State Park and they are catching nice walleye. The location is about 1 mile west of the docks and as the week goes on they will start to move further out. The ice is reported to be between 4 to 7 inches thick, but remember ice is not safe ice and Lake Erie has those current cuts.
Spoons dressed with minnows and blade baits are the best producers.

The Sandusky Bay has started to produce bullheads and panfish at White's Landing and at the old bay bridge. There is still soft ice at the current cuts at the Edison Bridge. Wax worms, power grubs, and minnows are the ticket for the catches.

Very little action further west at Turtle Creek and Crane Creek. This area will start to pick up within the week as the icefishermen come from the Toledo area.

Rickards Bait and Tackle is open with a large supply of ice fishing equipment including mustang suits and augers. They have a good supply of minnows on hand.

I will start fishing this thursday and continue the reports as the ice season goes. If you are interested in fishing give me a call 1-877-434-9711, I'm running one shanty that accommodates two fishermen, and they fish with me for the day.

Good fishin
Capt Bob Hughey

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