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Fishing Report Posted: September 15, 2008

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[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]

Posted by Capt. Bob Hughley on September 15, 2008 at 20:03:38:

Well the IKE came through yesterday evening and tonight the lake was calm. We a lot of rain over the weekend the walleyes still managed to bite for the hard working rock fishermen. A few walleyes are being caught in the deep water west of the islands and north of Kelley’s Island. But the best fishing is in the rocks around the island area in 5 to 29 foot of water using weight forwards and casting harnesses.
Perch fishing has been slow around the islands, but a few are being caught west in 30 foot of water and east of Kelley’s in 40 foot of water. The bait shops are low on shinners, so get there early for the best picks, they still have frozen minnows.
Bass are being caught in the rock from 15 to 30 foot of water. There is still some supplies of craws left, but as the water cools shinnere are the ticket.
We still have some dates open for some great fall fishing, feel free in contacting us at 1-877-434-9711.
Good fishin,
Capt Bob Hughey

[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]