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Fishing Report Posted: June 08, 2008

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Posted by Capt. Bob Hughley on June 08, 2008 at 07:37:03:

This week we have some very good news and we also have some concerning news about whatís happening on the lake. Well, as of Friday I personally saw the first signs of the mayfly hatch. I was in Toledo early before going to the boats and saw a dozen or better mayflies on the store window. This is about two weeks earlier than normal for the hatch to start. I just hope this hatch doesnít drag on for a good month. On the other hand itís good to know how clean the lake has gotten over the years.

Now to the good news, we are hammering the walleye and itís not in just one place or location. Itís really tough right now to figure out what area is going to turn on when you go out because we have walleye all over the place and thatĎs very exciting. Last week Carole and I caught fish in the rocks, island area, deep water and shallow water. All of the fish were caught casting and bouncing. They were caught in calm and rough water and all around the island area. It was one of the best weeks that we had in years with nice limits of walleye that were brought back to the dock.

Both the trollers and casters have been doing very well, but the trollers are getting done earlier in the day.
One of the secrets is that not all the fish are down to the bottom. If youíre not catching walleye and your seeing nets being use around you try to vary your depths.

Best areas are the reef complex and north of the firing range buoys in 30í of water. Just west of the islands are producing walleye, around Green and Rattlesnake islands. The island area is seeing movement of walleye around American Eagle and Gull reefs. The deep water east of South Bass and Kelleyís island are producing nice walleye. Capt. Carole boated a 27,30, and 3l inch walleye in one drift last Wednesday, GREAT JOB. Using ĺ to 1 oz casting rigs and 3-4 oz bouncers are the ticket for the day.

A lot of white perch and sheep head are being caught, so make sure you have a lot of bait. Rickardís Bait and Tackle has your best and freshest supply of bait in the area. We still have some great dates open for this month and next. Itís only going to get better as the month goes on.

Good Fishin
Capt Bob Hughey

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