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Fishing Report Posted: May 18, 2008

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Posted by Capt. Bob Hughley on May 18, 2008 at 19:54:23:

Well the weather last week didn’t cooperate with the fisherman and the charters. Cool days, rain, and of course wind helped to keep catches down. Although there were a few times the larger charters were able to catch fish both casting and trolling. The outlook for the upcoming week including the holiday should be good but on the cooler side. The lake has started to muddy up inside and west of the islands this weekend. The stain line as of Saturday was about 5 miles out between the islands. On Sunday very few boats went out and for the ones that did they came in before noon because of high winds. On Saturday we had a very good catch that averaged 4 plus pounds and they were caught on bouncers and long lines. It was very rough but we were using our 35 foot charter for that trip. In fact we did very well on perch around the islands , fishing in 24-27 foot of water.

The following areas currently are the best producers for nice post spawn walleye and these areas can change with the current water clarity.

On the west side of the islands: North of the range cans in 30’ of water both the trollers and the drifters have been taking nice walleye. Just west of Green and Rattlesnake Islands have been hot for the last two weeks for the trollers. They have been using jets and spoons running 65-85 feet back on the jets and a little shorter on the dipsys.

In between South Bass Island and Kelley’s Island: Based on the wind conditions the drifters have been doing very well in the areas east of South Bass Island and south of the Canadian line. The best setups are bottom bouncers with 3-4 oz of weight with a combination of short and long lead harnesses along with long lead lines on the drift side using ¾ -1 oz of weight.

Once the eastern charter boats start moving back east it should give the local guides a chance to enjoy the fishing season and the fishing should start picking up in the western basin as the water warms. We have already started to catch white perch and sheephead which is starting to show us that the water is starting to warm up. The first migration of walleyes to move through the island area should start within days based on the weather. This will give us an opportunity to fish for walleye within a few miles off Catawba Island and it should give the smaller boats a chance to catch some nice walleye.

If you have any questions on current fishing conditions feel free in contacting me We still have some prime dates open for this summer and remember the perch limit in the western basin is 25 per angler. Don’t forget to check our web site for current weather conditions.

Good fishin
Capt. Bob Hughey

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