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Fishing Report Posted: May 10, 2008

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 10, 2008 at 22:10:23:

A pretty good week. We had a wide variety of weather this past week that resulted in some great fishing and some tougher fishing under some brutal conditions. But we still managed to put together some great catches each day aboard "The Trophy". As I suspected, the jigging bite has really slowed down for us although you can still catch a few Walleyes and tons of Smallmouth's if you are willing to settle for less fish. You also have to put up with having to weed thru tons of junk fish. For us, that meant moving on to bigger and better things. We did a little bit of casting and bottom bouncing with night crawlers and spinners this past week but that for us was also slow. That meant get out the trolling gear and get serious with what I do best !

It felt really good to put out a big spread and go to work with the planer boards and Dipsy Divers. And I almost forgot how exciting it was to see a rod take a big hit and the anticipation in waiting for one to do so. When we had several triples and even a four banger go off this week, I knew that this was where it's at now and if you want to catch some huge box's of Walleyes, this is what we are going to have to do. The change in scenery was also pleasant for me. After hanging out for the last five weeks on the beaches and reefs it was really cool to be way up north trolling in the deep water surrounded by the famous Lake Erie Islands. The program right now is trolling spoons off the big planer boards and also on the Dipsy's.

Speaking of spoons, I think that I have stumbled on to the next hottest spoon on the lake, at least for me. Last season another captain gave me a great looking silver spoon to try off of Ashtabula where we troll exclusively. This spoon was made by the Savant Spoon Company. Well let me tell you after 22 years of full time chartering, I've tried a lot of spoons. Many did great, but the results that I had with this one Savant Spoon was uncanny. No mater where I lined it up, either off a Jet Diver or a Dipsy it would consistently out fish every thing else. When I finally lost it to a monster Walleye last year I almost cried ! I did not forget this and this past winter I got my hands on a nice supply of the Savant Jake 45 Spoons, the same exact model that worked so well for me last year except this time I got a variety of colors. Let me tell you, that was no fluke last year. It was awesome again this past week. This spoon may be the last spoon that I ever buy. It holds up great being a heavier spoon unlike the popular Stingers which get all bent up and don't hold paint for crap. They also have great hooks and best of all they catch Walleyes like crazy ! The fish this past week were definitely picking these off again much better then anything else that I tried. I am very excited and sold on the Savant's. If you want to check them out online bring up or call 978-688-5800. Again it is the Jake 45 that I am very interested in and look forward to testing more.

We have two weeks left here in the western basin before I move the boat to Ashtabula a hundred miles east for the super deep summer trolling season for Walleyes and Steelhead. The fishing is still great here in Port Clinton right now however especially if you don't mind trolling. The worm bite will also get better for the drifters as the Walleyes continue to come off the spawn and move out to the deeper waters. We are not completely done drifting yet aboard "The Trophy" and we can do either in the next two weeks depending on lake conditions and what is working the best. We still have a few open dates left including all of Memorial day weekend Sat, Sun. and Monday. Anyone interested in a great fishing trip aboard "The Trophy" here in the western basin in the next couple of weeks can call me as always on the boat/mobile number 216-387-2656.

Capt. Walt

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