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Fishing Report Posted: April 06, 2008

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 06, 2008 at 16:51:44:

A tough start. Well we finally got a couple of trips under our belt this weekend but it sure wasn't anything to write home about. We still managed to get a few Walleyes but it was definitely a tough bite. Cold water tempters just below 40 degrees and muddy water conditions were certainly the culprit. We marked plenty of Walleyes most everywhere we tried.

With the ice slow to come off this spring and the lack of very many warm spring days thus far we are finding ourselves perhaps as much as two weeks behind where we should be right now. On the bright side, temps are supposed to be in the 60's all of this coming week along with some rain. This should jack the water temps up dramatically. Hopefully we won't get any high winds and the water can start to clear up as well.

I sure did my share of running around trying to get something going for the guys but it didn't really seem to matter. We pulled a few fish on the beaches and a few off the reefs wherever we tried. About the only thing that worked for us was 1/4 oz. Heddon Sonar blade baits in a fire tiger pattern. I think the buzzing vibration helped the Walleyes that did bite home in on the lure in the murky water. We also tried working jigs and minnows and although we did have a few fish hooked up on them, we failed to land any of the Walleyes on those.

I'm sure things will cut loose in a day or so and it will be crazy good. It always is this time of year. We just need a little cooperation from Mother Nature. We still have a few days left for this month. The best is yet to come so these will all be attractive dates for someone. To secure your spot aboard The Trophy this spring, call me directly on the boat (216) 387-2656 and if I'm not busy fighting a Walleye, I'll gladly book you !

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