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Fishing Report Posted: March 14, 2008

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on March 14, 2008 at 19:28:10:

The Walleyes are here and are waiting for you ! I again had the privilege of joining a couple of my buddies that are Lake Erie ice guides for some late winter ice fishing this week around the Lake Erie Islands of the western basin. The ice was pretty shot with lots of open water but using air boats we were able to find some solid ice between Rattle Snake, Green and South Bass Island.

We fished three days and the fishing was phenomenal ! We caught limits of Walleyes everywhere we tried with ease. They ranged in size from a couple of pounds to the largest being around nine pounds. Most averaged around four to five pounds. Those are the fish from the incredibly huge hatch that we had back in 2003. These should dominate our catch throughout the upcoming boating season.

Although it doesn't seem possible, we are still scheduled to be in the water by the end of this month. I've sweated this in past years with the ice hanging in there but it never fails to be open by April 1st. A few warm, rainy and windy days and the western basin opens up nicely. And just like other years, we would be out in the boat killing the Walleyes in the western basin while further east on Lake Erie the lake is still froze.

We still have lots of open dates for our spring season April / May charters at the western basin and the islands area of Lake Erie. And just like ice fishing, we will be jigging them up. This is by far my favorite way of catching Lake Erie Walleyes. I invite everyone to try a early spring fishing charter with me aboard "The Trophy" I can be reached on my cell phone at any time for a booking (216) 387-2656. Like I said, the Walleyes are here and are waiting for you !

Capt. Walt

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