Fishing Report Posted: September 17, 2007

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Posted by Capt. Bob Hughley on September 17, 2007 at 04:41:42:

Due to the recent cold fronts and high winds, both the perch and walleye have slowed down over the past week. The outlook for the upcoming week is very good. The best locations have been west of Green Island, east of Lucy Point, between Gull and Kelley's Reef, and just off the airport of Kelley's Island. Good size perch are coming in and as the water cools the perch should pick up and the size increase. Remember since we have had high winds so look for clean water to start. Shinners have been in good supply over the past few weeks and plan to come in early with your perch, since the waiting time are long at the fish cleaners. Lastly, we have been catching a lot of yearly walleye, so please be careful in releasing them, thank you.
Again, high winds and the cold fronts have slowed down the walleye over the past week. This week the fishing should pick up, but look for clean water to start. Both trolling and drifting have produced walleye. Best locations are west of North Bass, north of the firing range cans, and off Gull and Kelley's Reef areas. As the water cools, the night fishing should start around Kelley's Island. We only have a few weeks to run for the year and we still have some open dates. Also, we are gearing up for the upcoming ice season and we are booking dates.

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