Fishing Report Posted: August 03, 2007

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Posted by Capt. Bob Hughley on August 03, 2007 at 18:25:21:

For the second year in a row the walleye should be hot and active throughout this month. Right now good catches of walleye are being taken around the island area in deep water. West of the islands from the Niagra buoy to the line. Walleyes are being taken early in the morning with casting rigs and trolling spoons. The trollers are doing better on this side of the islands because there is less floating grass to deal with on the rigs. Between the islands walleyes are being taken from American Eagle to the line. Deep water is the key to this area, also just of the rock piles in deep water are working early in the morning using weight forwards and casting rigs. The waters in Canada have been doing very well north and south of the wagon wheel and around the chicks. Remember to check into customs to get a number and report to our customs when you return. It's very important that if you go to Canada you need a I-68 and a canada fishing license.
Fishing has been very hot and early this year. Limits of perch have been taken around Green Island, Lighthouse, Kelley Island south shore, and Cedar Point foghorn. Best baits are shinners and supplies are starting to be limited. Rickard's Bait on 269N has a good supply of bait on a daily bases. Also, if you want your fish clean, get to the cleaners early to avoid long waits.
Good catches of nice bass are being taken are Pelee Island from 12' to 25' using softcraws and plastic baits. Best areas were the wagon wheel, chicks, and the long points on the east side of the island.
We do have some great dates open for fishing the rest of the summer and into fall. We can be contacted on
Have a great fishing week and drink alot of water, it's been hot on the lake.
Good fishin'
Capt. Bob Hughey

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