Fishing Report Posted: May 31, 2007

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Posted by Capt. Bob Hughley on May 31, 2007 at 08:19:34:

The walleye continue to heat up as the waters warm up on the lake. At the time of this newsletter the waters off Toledo was at 62 degrees. During the last week the trollers have been waxing the walleye within 2 miles of Catawba Island to the Canadian boarder. Reports of limits being caught within 2-3 hours both trolling and drifting. Two of the best areas were American Eagle Shoal and the deep water west of Green Island. The trollers were using stingers on 40 jets and short leads, while the drifters were using 3/4-1 oz long lines and 2-3- oz bottom bouncers with purple or gold blades.
Further west the deep water around Niagra to the B can area have produced very well all week. While around H can to D can were producing walleye limits and creating short runs for those anglers coming out of Port Clinton. This area will stay good as long as the water stays clean.
Limits of yellow perch were being reported just off the Niagra reef area as well as the Marblehead Lighthouse area. Minnows and spreaders are the ticket and there are plenty available at the local bait shops.
Smallmouth bass season will open on June 30th in both the Canadian and Ohio waters. If you enjoy fishing for smallies make sure you mark your calendar, the outlook is very good.
Feel free to e-mail me for updates on the lake fishing and weather conditions. We still have some prime dates open for June and July.

Good fishin'
Capt. Bob Hughey

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