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Fishing Report Posted: May 14, 2007

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 14, 2007 at 05:54:11:

It was a good week. We had it all this past week; great weather, thunderstorms, terrible fog and again on the weekend, strong east, northeast winds. Yet through it all we simply slaughtered the Walleyes. In fact, aboard "The Trophy" we did a triple crown of sorts. On Tuesday we managed to still pull 36 Walleyes jigging on the beach west of Port Clinton. On Wednesday we trolled and managed a boat limit of 30 nice Walleyes, and by Saturday with the wind blowing fiercely, we went back to the bottom bouncers and knocked out 42 nice Walleyes. All three of these different styles of fishing resulted in limits of fish!

Most of the trollers were working between D can and Niagara reef earlier in the week. The "shoots" between all of the islands were very productive as well. I suspect lots of these fish are already on the move, heading east for the deeper, cooler waters for the summer. Lots of nice sized Walleyes are being caught trolling right now also. We took several between 28 and 30 inches ourselves. Very exciting!

Wednesday kept us on pins and needles as we fished just ahead of a strong line of thunderstorms moving across the western basin of Lake Erie. Using the Sirius weather data service on my Raymarine E-120 series display, I was able to track the thunderstorms on the real time Doppler radar and keep just ahead of the storms. With the split screen option I was even able to still keep a watch on the fish finder to make sure that I knew at what level the Walleyes were suspending. I've never been more confident with my decisions when it comes to weather than I am with the Raymarine Sirius weather information, all of this available while using it as a fish finder, chart plotter/radar display!

Just two weeks are left now before I run the boat a hundred miles east to Ashtabula, OH for the deep water summer fishing. We still have a few days open here in Port Clinton and we have some dates open for Ashtabula when I go back the first couple of weeks. Limits are already being reported just west of Ashtabula! Big fish too! As always anyone interested in a trip can reach me at 216-387-2656. I will be unable to post reports the next couple of weeks. Look for the fishing reports to resume again after we move the boat back to the central basin of Lake Erie, fishing from my home port, Ashtabula, OH.

Capt. Walt

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