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Fishing Report Posted: February 22, 2007

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on February 22, 2007 at 22:40:03:

We are about a month away from "The Trophy" going back in the water but the Walleyes are already in the western basin and in record numbers. I had the privilege of joining my good buddy Capt.Mark of Gizzmo Charters for a day of ice fishing out of Port Clinton,Ohio in his brand new airboat which he hopes to run a few ice guided trips with. The fishing just couldn't have been any better !

We fished west of the Davis Bessie power plant in about 21 foot of water. We were using 1/4 oz. Cast Masters tipped with a couple of minnows. Most of the bites were close to the bottom but we were using fish finding flashers and whenever we seen a fish come in higher, we would crank up and WHAM !

This same type of exciting action is being enjoyed by everyone this winter by those hardy enough to venture out on the frozen waters of Erie's western basin. Fishing has been excellent everywhere from west of Catawba to north of Rattle Snake Island and anywhere 2-3 miles north of Camp Perry and stretching west clear to Toledo. It seems like there are more Walleyes in these areas then ever before ! No matter where you stop, they are just there !

Even though there is good ice cover right now, I don't for see any problem having open water by the end of March. I've sweated this before in even more severe winters then this one with twice as much ice and it was never a problem before. When the ice goes in the western basin of Erie, it goes fast ! Almost overnight ! "The Trophy" is scheduled to go in the water March 26th. I have a trip booked for Thursday March 29th. I have available Friday March 30th and Saturday March 31st that I would like to book. Sunday, April 1st is already taken that weekend. Anyone interested in this early season fishing can reach me at 216-387-2656. We also have other open dates available for April / May for my stay here in the "Walleye Capitol of The World" !!

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