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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on January 02, 2007 at 23:01:43:

Happy New Year Everybody! While not exactly a fishing report, I always like to take the time to look back and reflect on the past season and more importantly begin to focus on the new season that will be here before you know it. First of all I would like to take the time to thank each and everyone of my friends and guests who helped make my past year such a great success. Thank You from the bottom of my heart! You as I was,were treated to the very best Walleye season that we have seen on Lake Erie since the late 80's. While in this business it is impossible to have a 100% success ratio due to weather and other factors, I believe that aboard "The Trophy" we came as close as possible to limiting everyone out with tasty Walleyes and Perch as I've ever seen in the 20 plus years of running a full time charter operation. I keep very extensive logs and the numbers we compiled last season were phenomenal! I actually have to look hard in my books to find a group that did not limit out or at the very least still do very well. While in my mind a successful day should not be based entirely on limiting, it sure makes life a lot more pleasant for me to see everyone leave with huge loads of fish!

The reason for the incredible catch rates in big part is because of the amazing record smashing successful Walleye hatch back in 2003. Never before and maybe never again in our life times will we see the numbers of Walleyes that are in the lake right now. These Walleyes mixed in with other year classes gave us just the right mix of "eaters" and "trophies"! This should not change in 2007. In fact all of the experts agree that the fish from the 2003 hatch will be in the system in good numbers for the next 10-12 years! The only thing that will change is the fact that with each passing season these walleyes will get bigger and bigger. Last year the average "03" Walleye was about 3 lbs. This year they will be easily around 4 lbs. And again there is plenty of previous year class trophies out there swimming around and ready to be caught! The one thing that I am myself really excited about is these 3-4 lb. fish being mature enough this year to become spawners themselves, thus helping to insure that this incredible fishery is sustained for many years to come. Lake Erie's future is bright indeed!

For 2007 most everything in my operation will remain the same. We will be fishing the western basin in April and May for the early season action. Fishing out of port Clinton, OH., this is my personal favorite time of year to fish and way of catching Walleyes. Most trips are drift fishing trips using light action equipment. It does not get any more fun than that! And of course June 1st thru the rest of the season we will be back in our home port of Ashtabula,OH. for the fantastic deep water summer action. What more can be said about this tremendous area that hasn't already been said? In 2007 I have abandoned the fuel sur-charge which was confusing and at times unfair to both the groups or myself. In it's place we have adjusted our rates slightly to compensate for the ever increasing operating costs and ultimately, the cost of living. I wish I could say that I do this strictly for fun, but I don't. I'm sure most will understand.

So in closing, I urge everyone to book early as my calendar is already quite heavy from groups last year pre booking the same date for this season. I would also like to mention that I will again have a booth at the Pittsburgh Sport Show in Monroeville, Pa. Feb. 14-18, 2007. Look me up! And as always, I can be reached at any time and for any reason on my mobile number 216-387-2656. I very much look forward to seeing everyone again and making new friends as well aboard "The Trophy" for a great day on the water in 2007!

Capt. Walt
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