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Fishing Report Posted: May 14, 2006

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 14, 2006 at 22:18:16:

An interesting week! Well, we had it all this past week. The first part of the week we had decent weather and still pretty good jig fishing. On Wednesday as I had suggested, we finally ran our first trolling trip with superb results. We trolled up in the "flats" north of the Niagara Reef. We easily limited out with beautiful Walleyes to 10 pounds! These were the hogs that I just knew were out there but we just weren't finding in the shallower waters this year. Our best program was #40 Jet Divers fished 70 ft. back behind the planer boards using the little Stinger Scorpion spoons in the Poo Bear Purple color scheme. The outside Dipsey Divers on a #4 setting about 50 ft. back using the larger Stinger spoons accounted for the biggest 3 or 4 fish that we took. All in all an excellent day! Then came the massive low pressure system and the wind by weeks end. Fishing near shore, our only option, did not go as well as we would have liked. Even though we caught a few Walleyes, it's pretty obvious that the jig bite is all but over.

Speaking of weather, I just have to mention the latest electronic upgrade we've done aboard The Trophy. Most of you know about the new big screen multi function E-120 fish finder that we added last year made by Raymarine. Well, this spring we added Raymarine's SR100 Sirius Satellite weather system to this awesome display. This is something I've always wanted. Real time live weather data that you can configure in any way imaginable depending on what information is important to you.

Probably the most important feature to me is the real time high-resolution live NOWRad radar image that you can also loop. With the speed that severe thunderstorms can race across the great lakes, this feature could be a life saver! Some of the other outstanding features that this service provides are current lightening strike data, text marine forecasts and warnings, city forecasts, buoy reports and the list goes on and on! I am so impressed. A monthly subscription from Sirius is required but well worth it. More can be learned if anyone is interested by checking out and web sites.

Last week's fuel price posting had a typo and I apologize. Marina fuel this week held for the second week at the correct but equally outrageous price of $3.349 a gallon. I remind everyone that a $5.00 a man fuel surcharge is in effect on top of the regular charter fee. Water temps this week have not really gone anywhere and are holding at 58 degrees. We have two open dates left for the remainder of our stay here in Port Clinton: May 18th and the 29th. Anyone interested can reach me at 216-387-2656.

Capt. Walt

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