ODNR Fishing Report for 03/30/2004: Central, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: March 30, 2004

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Posted by ODNR on March 30, 2004 at 15:15:27:


This is peak time to fish the Lake Erie tributaries for steelhead. As of
3/29/04 the main tributaries are improving, but rain in the forecast could
quickly raise river levels again. If main tributaries become unfishable try
smaller feeder creeks. Spawn sacs, jigs tipped with maggots, and flies are
popular deep pool presentations. In shallower areas with gravel substrate
and high current sucker spawn or brightly colored streamers work best.

Rocky River:Fish from the Emerald Necklace marina up past the Nature Center.
Cuyahoga River: Fish from the Rt. 82 dam up through the CVNRA.
Chagrin River: Fish from the soccer fields to North Chagrin Reservation and also Eastlake CEI.
Grand River: Fish from the Fairport pier up to Harpersfield Dam.
Also try Big, Kellogg, and Paine creeks.
Arcola Creek:
Fish in the estuary pond area. Also try Cowles and Wheeler creeks.
Ashtabula River: Fish the harbor up through Indian Trails Park.
Conneaut Creek: Fish the harbor up through the PA line.
Vermilion River: Fish from the boat ramp up past the Rt. 2 bridge to Kipton and Wakeman dams.

[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]