july4th weeekend fishing report: Central, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: July 09, 2003

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Posted by capt. brian selai on July 09, 2003 at 21:16:32:

Well guys I hope you were able to dodge all of those storms overe the last few days, there were trees down all over even in our marina. I know on friday the coast guard had to fish a couple of people out of the waters just outside the breakwall at vermilion related to congestion trying to get up the river. Now the fishing... Walleyes, well the drifters and some trollers are still taking fish inside from ruggles to the ford plant. Inside trollers run 20 jets 100 foot back with greasy chicken wing, funky chicken, cc-38, cc-38 and perch. Perch guys thay have been getting the big ones have been going out to where the nets are, the 33 line on top of the bar, find a school and go to it.. Offshore, schools of walleye from the 31 to the 34 north and 22 to the 10 west line, 20 jets 100 to 150 back with the above zoom spoons and #68's and put your dipseys at 100-120 on a 3.5, 75 to 80 on a 2 and 60 to 70 on a 1 alot of smaller fish so run the biggest spoon that catches fish. Now the steelies, 38 to 41 on the north and 15 to 09 on east/west , same depth program but run watesusse #68's in boy/girl, cc-40, cc-38, greasy chicken wing(congrats to Capt. Dick shaffer for winning the steelhead tourney out of bevercrek on a greasy chikenwing), and cc-67. best bite in a chop or in the morning..
good luck and tight lines,
Capt Brian

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