vermilion fishing report: Central, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: June 23, 2003

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Posted by Capt. Brian Selai on June 23, 2003 at 22:18:51:

hey folks,
sorry about the delay on the report but here is the report for last 2 weekends: on father's day weekend,
the ot walleye actions was in 20 to 45 feet of water from the breakwall to beverpark, with walleyes fewer but very catchable walleyes from the wall to huron. 20 jets out 100 and dipseys at 80 on a #3, and 65 to 70 on a #2, zoom spoon #200 in perch and greasy chicken wing and the huckleberrry spoon. We limited on both days in less than 6 hours (36 fish each day).
Then i left lake erie to go to lake st clair for muskies where we went 12 for 17 with several over 20 lbs with the biggest going 48 inches and 25 lbs.
Then there was a very good blow on thurs evening thru friday night, which muddied the waters in close, but by sunday the inside water became fishable again and the bass guys were catching walleyes in the evening in 15 feet of water off of ruggles again.
Now the report for june 22 and 23: the big walleye bite was on the south and east side of the sandbar with fish coming on 20 jets 130 to 150 back, dispeys set at 100 to 120 on a #3, 75 to 85 on a #2, and 60 to 65 on a #1. Run the greasy chicken wing zoom spoon in a #200 or a #68, the funky chicken, confusion, and cc-29 and cc-30 on copper was hot. the deeper fish seemed to be better size.
The perch guys ar doing well in 26 ft of water nw from the breakwall on spreaders. Not hearing too much reguarding steelies over here, have to wait and see if they show up on the deep side of the bar.
Good luck and tight lines...

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