vermilion fishing report: Central, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: May 28, 2003

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Posted by Capt. Brian Selai on May 28, 2003 at 15:49:48:

Greetings from a new year here on lake erie....
the memorial weekend proved to have a litle bit of everykind of weather and if you didn't like just wait, it would change again. The water is very murky except from the shore to 25 ft of water due to some southwest winds, but the fish were biting on bothsides of the water clearity at certain times. Walleyes were more sensitive to bite early and late in the clear water, particularly near the ruggles area on cranks and jets and spoons on a short lead(50 to 80 back)with gold being the primary color with zoom spoons #200's in the colors of cc-29, cc-27, and cc-38. now the fish in the murky water were scattered in pockets from huron to east of lorain from 35 to 44 ft of water and suspending from 15 to 35ft down, run 20 jets at 80 to 135 ft on fireline and put your dipseys at 55 to 60 on a #2 and 65 to 75 on a #3and a half and put zoom spoon #200's in the above colors plus cc-31 and cc-30. no steelies for me but sheephead and whites mixed in.. We charters were pulling 3 to 6 tickets of fish a day this past weekend. Now for the perch.. out of lorain there was 2 packs of boats pulling fish and nw of vermillion in 27 to 40 ft of water was successful also... i marked quite a few fish in front of the castle that looked like perch in 35 to 40 ft. but i did not try to catch them since i was in the act of walleye fishing. The bass were taking tubes in the 15 to 30 ft range and some of the trollers caught a few 20 inchers by accident. By the way, alot of fishohio walleyes come in this weekend, so there are quite a few excellent year classes to be had.....
good luck and tight lines
Brian Selai

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