Castalia Fishing Application:

Article Posted: December 01, 2008

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Castalia Fishing Application

The application period is December 1 through January 31!

The ODNR, Division of Wildlife conducts an annual drawing to fish for trout in the 1/2 mile section of Cold Creek that runs through Castalia State Fish Hatchery. Participation is determined by computer generated random drawing which is held early March.

The application period is December 1 through January 31. Applications must be submitted by January 31st or earlier to be considered. Applications may not be faxed or emailed.

The online application fee is $3.00 and anglers may apply once annually. If the same name appears on multiple applications, all applications will be disqualified and the fee(s) forfeited.

Independent drawings will be held for both a youth season (summer) and adult season (spring and fall). Each person must submit a separate application. Application fees are non-refundable.

Permit holders may bring two other adults and three youths and you may participate only once per season as either the permittee or a partner.

Applicants not chosen to participate will not be notified. Anglers chosen to participate will receive the necessary permit and instructions in the mail, including the fishing date.

The permit to fish applies to the successfully drawn applicant and his/her partner(s) and permits are transferable. All participants must be properly licensed.

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