STEELHEAD ACTION UNDERWAY - Central Basin Tributaries: OH

Article Posted: January 02, 2000

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Anglers are reminded of the tremendous steelhead trout fishery underway on Central Basin tributaries. Those large steelhead that Central Basin anglers are familiar with during the summer, return to cold water streams to spend fall through spring, providing some pretty exciting action. Fish typically average 25 inches in length and weigh 5 to 6 pounds, according to Kevin Kayle, supervisor of the Division’s Fairport Fisheries Research Unit. Anglers fish with spawn sacs, jigs and maggot rigs, small spoons, and flies.
The majority of the angler effort occurs in the Grand, Chagrin, and Rocky rivers, and Conneaut Creek, in which the Division annually stocks 6 to 9 inch yearling steelhead. Annual stockings have totaled about 200,000 steelhead (50,000 per stream) the past few years. With the recent purchase and renovation of the Castalia State Fish Hatchery, stockings will increase to about 400,000 (100,000 per stream) beginning in the spring of 2000.
Two good spots include Daniels Park on the Chagrin River, and up to the Painesville Dam on the Grand River. Anglers should also try the Rocky River Emerald Necklace Park, and Conneaut, Arcola, and Indian creeks.
Anglers can catch more steelhead “how to” information, fishing reports, research updates, and news items on the Fairport Harbor Fisheries Research Unit’s web page:

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