Article Posted: March 26, 2005

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COLUMBUS, OH - Peregrine falcons are currently incubating eggs at six sites in Aberdeen (Brown County), Cleveland, Cleves (Hamilton County), Dayton, and Lakewood, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife.

Two of the nests are in Cleveland - at the Cleveland Clinic and Terminal Tower building.
State wildlife biologists say early reports indicate that there are at least 18 pairs of peregrine falcons across Ohio. For the first time, a single bird has been sighted in downtown Chillicothe, atop the Ross County Courthouse. Reports of sightings of other unpaired birds have come from Adams County, The Ohio State University (Columbus campus), and Lorain.

Ohioans can follow the progress of various peregrine nests at the ODNR Division of Wildlife’s peregrine falcon web page found at

By April, most peregrine falcons will have chosen or rebonded with mates and selected nest sites. As the nesting season develops, key events like egg laying, hatching, and fledging at each active Ohio nest will be noted and summarized on the web site.

Ohio communities with peregrine falcon pairs include Aberdeen in Brown County (2), Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleves in Hamilton County, Cleveland (5), Columbus, Dayton, Huron, Ironton, Lakewood, Lima and Toledo. Nests are expected at most of these sites within the next month.

Although removed from the federal endangered species list in 1999, peregrine falcons remain on the state’s endangered species list. Along with several other Midwestern states, Ohio began introducing the birds in 1989, with several pairs released in cities between 1989 and 1992. Last year in Ohio, 16 nesting attempts by 15 pairs of peregrine falcons resulted in the successful hatching and fledging of 54 young falcons.

The division’s peregrine falcon management program is funded by the sale of cardinal license plates and by contributions to the state Wildlife Diversity & Endangered Species Fund. Taxpayers may donate directly or designate all or part of their state income tax refunds to the effort by checking the box on line 24 of the 2004 Ohio Income Tax form or line 16 on the Ohio 1040 EZ form.

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