Hatch Assessment by Fairport Harbor and Sandusky fisheries staff: OH

Article Posted: January 02, 2000

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Hatch Assessment

According to hatch assessments conducted by Fairport Harbor and Sandusky fisheries staff, good hatches of walleye and yellow perch should contribute to the fishery in the next few years.
Bottom trawls conducted last spring and summer show good numbers of yellow perch young-of-year. The hatch is the second largest in the past 13 years, second only to the large 1996 year class, which has made up much of the harvest the past three years. Surveys show the number of yearling yellow perch is above average and the fifth largest in the past 13 years.
Walleye also had good spawning success last spring as research indicates the 1999 year class is the fourth largest since 1986. White bass numbers reveal a moderate 1999 hatch.

Source: ODNR

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