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Article Posted: December 07, 2004

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** The 15" walleye minimum size limit remains in effect for the entire
season. Anglers are reminded that the daily bag limit for trout and
salmon on Lake Erie and its tributaries is 2, beginning September 1
through May 15, 2005. The minimum size limit is 12 inches.**

Surface temperatures range from 42 to 45 degrees.

As water temperatures continue to drop fewer anglers are fishing the
main lake. Most walleye and perch fishing is taking place within a few
miles of shore. Walleye can be caught in nearshore areas by trolling or
casting minnow-imitating stickbaits in water less than 20 feet deep.
Rock breakwalls and river mouths from Catawba to Cleveland will continue
to produce trophy walleye occasionally over 10 pounds. Although shore
fishing has been spotty at best walleye continue to be caught by shore
anglers casting off breakwalls and piers. Yellow perch can still be
caught by using shiners on perch spreaders or crappie rigs fished near
the bottom within a few miles of most central basin harbors.

Steelhead (December 1, 2004)

Most rivers and streams are in poor shape with higher flows and lower
clarity with the spate of recent showers. Smaller tribs and rivers will
clear first. Expect fresh fish in the major rivers and smaller tribs.
Active fish can be found from the beaches to the upper stream reaches.

Vermilion River: Fish from the river mouth up to Birmingham.

Rocky River: Fish from the Emerald Necklace marina up to the Nature

Cuyahoga River: Fish from the harbor area up past the Rt. 82 dam up to
Edison Dam.

Chagrin River: Fish from the soccer fields to Daniels Park.

Grand River: Fish from the Fairport pier up to Harpersfield Dam. Don't
neglect Paine and Big creeks. Mill Creek should see fish soon.

Arcola Creek: Fish in the estuary pond area and beach.

Ashtabula River: Fish from the Walnut Creek breakwall up through Indian
Trails Park.

Conneaut Creek: Fish from the harbor up to the State line.

Source: ODNR

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