Article Posted: September 05, 2003

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Additional winners are from Fremont, Rocky River, North Olmsted,
Bowling Green and Avon

COLUMBUS, OH -- Sandusky resident Arnold Ehrsam swept first and second
places in the "Family Fun" category of the 2003 "Life On Lake Erie" Amateur
Photo Contest, coordinated by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission (OLEC). Ehrsam
also placed first in two other contest categories.
Additional photo contest winners are from North Olmsted, Bowling Green,
Fremont, Rocky River and Avon.
The contest aimed at capturing the day-to-day lives of people, plants and
animals that live and thrive on Lake Erie and its tributaries.
First and second-place photographs are currently featured in a traveling
display that will be exhibited along Ohio's North Coast during the 2003
Coastweeks celebration, August 23 to September 21.
Winners in the five categories are as follows:
* Family Fun - Capturing a family's enthusiasm for swimming, boating,
fishing, picnicking and playing on Lake Erie. First place: Arnold Ehrsam
with "Look What We Caught." Ehrsam's "Look Up There" took second place.

* Life On The Edge - Developing images of people, plants or animals
living, working and playing on Ohio's North Coast. First place: Ehrsam's
"Red Wing Blackbird." Andrea Nagy of Avon took second place with "On The
* Above And Below - Capturing views of Lake Erie from high in the sky
or down under the water's surface! First place: Ehrsam's "Stone Laboratory."
Ursula Ryan of North Olmsted took second place with "Looking Up."
* Balanced Growth - Showing sustainable development on Lake Erie where
smart planning has been used to protect the environment, preserve farmland
and open space and promote livable communities. First place: Carole
Calladine of Rocky River with "Trumpeting Spring." Second place went to
Dennis Hale of Bowling Green for "Battling Cranes."
* Lake Erie Heritage - Celebrating Ohio's bicentennial year with an
image of a historic activity or festival in the Lake Erie region. First
place: Debbie Rutkowski of Fremont with "Tall Ship at Sunset." Second place
went to Ursula Ryan of North Olmsted for "Dancer."

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission is made up of the directors of the Ohio
Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of natural resources,
transportation, development, health and agriculture. The commission was
established for the purpose of protecting Lake Erie and its watershed as
Ohio's premiere natural resource and promoting responsible development in
the region.

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