Lake Erie Fishing Report: April 17, 2003: OH

Article Posted: April 21, 2003

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Lake Erie Fishing Report: April 17, 2003

Walleye fishing in the Sandusky and Maumee Rivers is quickly coming to an
end with fish still being caught in both rivers. However, anglers can still
catch male walleyes as they typically remain on the spawning grounds for
sometime after spawning. Anglers fishing in the Professional Walleye Trail
caught quite a few fish earlier in the week with a majority of them being
females that had spawned earlier in the month. The fishing forecast for
walleye should improve in the lake as the fish leave the spawning grounds in
search of food.

Steelhead fishing in the tributary rivers is beginning to wind down for
season, however, angler can still target these fish in the mouths of rivers
and as they move out into the lake.

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