Article Posted: April 08, 2003

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COLUMBUS, OH - Spring wild turkey hunters must purchase a new
2003-2004 hunting license and a spring turkey permit for this year's season,
which starts on April 28 and continues through May 25, according to the Ohio
Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife.
State wildlife officials have synchronized Ohio hunting and fishing
licenses so that they now go on sale at the same time, and are valid from
March 1st until the end of February the following year. All 2003-2004
licenses are now on sale and will be valid until February 29, 2004.
"The synchronization of all hunting and fishing licenses is more
convenient for anglers, hunters and license vendors," said Korey Brown,
license coordinator with the ODNR Division of Wildlife. "Instead of having
two separate starting and ending dates for anglers and hunters, a standard
start and ending of the license year simplifies the Ohio outdoor calendar."
The ODNR Division of Wildlife advises turkey hunters this spring to
wear hunter orange clothing when entering, leaving, or moving through
hunting areas so they can remain visible to other hunters in the area. A
pamphlet, "What Every Spring Gobbler Hunter Should Know," is distributed by
hunting license vendors. It contains safety tips and a list of turkey check
stations. Spring turkey hunters may call 1-800-WILDLIFE (1-800-945-3543)
for more information or visit our web site at ohiodnr.com
The wild turkey is Ohio's largest and most challenging game bird.
It stands three to four feet tall and may weigh up to 27 pounds.

Source: ODNR

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