Article Posted: April 01, 2003

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COLUMBUS, OH -- A new nesting season is underway for Ohio's
peregrine falcons with five pairs incubating eggs and more activity expected
at nests sites across the state, according to the Ohio Department of Natural
Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife.
This year 15 sites across the state have been identified with
nesting peregrine falcon pairs. Last year, 12 pairs of falcons produced 37
young fledglings. Peregrines have successfully nested at Akron, Canton,
Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Ironton and Toledo locations.
Currently, a pair in the Village of Cleves near Cincinnati is
incubating five eggs atop an Ohio River Power Plant, while in Ironton
falcons are sitting on four eggs under a bridge that spans the Ohio River.
Two pairs of falcons are incubating four eggs each in Cleveland; one nest is
on the Cleveland Clinic and the other is on the Terminal Tower. The fifth
nest sits atop the AT&T Building in Dayton.
Falcon enthusiasts are able to view the nesting cycle via the ODNR
web site at Cameras are covering the events at Columbus'
Rhodes State Office Tower and Cleveland's Terminal Tower sites.
People who see peregrines are asked to report the location of the
birds and, if readable, their leg band color and numbers to an ODNR Division
of Wildlife district office.
In 1999, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service removed peregrine falcons
from the federal list of endangered species. However, monitoring and
recovery efforts are continuing throughout the country, and peregrine
falcons remain on Ohio's list of endangered species.
Ohio's Peregrine Falcon Program is funded by donations to the state
income tax check-off program and from the sale of wildlife conservation
license plates.
Ohio taxpayers can donate all or a portion of their state income tax
refund to the Endangered Species and Wildlife Diversity Fund each year on
Ohio's income tax forms. Wildlife conservation license plates can be
purchased through a deputy registrar license outlet or by calling the Ohio
Bureau of Motor Vehicles toll-free at 1-888-PLATES3 (1-888-752-8373).

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