Lake Erie Fishing Report: February 20, 2003: OH

Article Posted: February 21, 2003

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Lake Erie Fishing Report: February 20, 2003

Ice conditions over most of Lake Erie have degraded substantially over the
past week; however, fishable conditions have been reported for the Bass
Island area as well as parts of Sandusky Bay. Very little fishing activity
has been observed around the Catawba State Park due to hazardous ice
conditions. Fishing success around the Bass Island area remains spotty with
walleye action slow and good numbers of yellow perch reported.

Steelhead are still being caught around at the Eastlake CEI seawall near
Cleveland, OH; however, icy conditions on the seawall exist and anglers
should exercise extreme caution while fishing. Reports of smelt being
caught at the Geneva State Park Harbor marina indicate that some fish are
being caught through the ice. Most fisherman are fishing at night in

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