PFBC WCO REPORT- February 2000 - Western Erie County: PA

Article Posted: January 29, 2000

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WCO John Bowser Fishing Report February 2000/ Erie County
Pa Fish & Boat Commission

Ice Fishing... Cold weather has started the ice fishing season. Anglers
should remember that 4" of clear solid ice should be considered a "minimum"
for a lone angler. 6" is considered a minimum for a group of fishermen.
Reports are starting to come in from Presque Isle Bay of nice perch catches.
Wear a life jacket while on the ice & have another person with you.

2000 Waterways Conservation Voluntary Stamp... this is the "First of State"
and a must for collectors. Proceeds will be deposited into a restricted
account used only for Pennsylvania waterways protection & enhancement
projects. Stamps are available for $5 / each + 65 cents for shipping/sales
tax. Full sheets of 10 stamps are available for $50 + $5.12 shipping/sales
tax. More information may be obtained at the PFBC Website at: or by calling the official program manager at

Erie Outdoor Sport & Travel Expo... This year will be held at the Family
First Sports Park at 8155 Oliver Road. Dates of the show are March 3, 4, &5.
The PFBC will be hosting several displays and the officers look forward to
seeing you there.

Safe Boating Courses ... a "BOATING SAFETY CERTIFICATE" is required for any
person operating a Personal Watercraft this year. These can be obtained by
taking one of the approved safety courses offered. For information on a
course near you call 1-888-PAFISH-1 during normal business hours Monday thru
Friday or stop by the PFBC website at:

Statewide Totals from the 1999 Annual Report of the PFBC Bureau of Law
Enforcement ...
Total Fish Case Prosecutions ........ 5,007
Total Fish Case Warnings ............. 18,179
Total Boat Case Prosecutions ....... 4,054
Total Boat Case Warnings ............ 18,658
Total Boats Boarded ..................... 36,645
Reported Pollution Cases ............... 477
Special Activity Permits Issued ..... 1,935
Mine Drainage Applications reviewed .. 150
Encroachment Applications reviewed ... 703

Job Openings..... The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission is accepting
applications to fill two part-time positions at its Walnut Creek Access
facility located on Lake Erie in Fairview Township, Pa. The position is
classified as a "Clerk I" / Pay Range 2 / ($9.34/hr.) and runs from April
thru November.
Primary duties consist of handling telephone inquiries from the public ,
weighing & measuring fish, reporting lake & weather conditions, sales of
publications & fishing licenses, referring reprots to law enforcement
officers via phone & radio, etc... **Deadline for Applications is 3/1/00
Any questions or a complete job description may be gotten from Vicki Wadel
with PFBC Personnel Office at: 717-657-4528. Applications may be obtained
from the Unemployment Office (Personal Data Sheet STD-300 Rev 3/99)
Mail completed application to :
Pa. Fish & Boat Commission
P.O. Box 67000
Harrisburg, Pa. 17106-7000
ATTENTION: Vicki Wadel

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