Article Posted: January 16, 2002

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LANSING--The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is
accepting applications for the
2002 Inland Fisheries Grant program, which offers grants up
to $30,000 for local projects that enhance our state's
aquatic resources.
The program is intended to foster citizen and community
understanding and appreciation of inland fisheries resources
and to encourage participation and commitment to the
improvement and protection of inland fishing opportunities,
habitat and fish communities. Eligible applicants include
individuals, nonprofit organizations or units of government
(including school districts). Preference is given to
nonprofit organizations and governmental units.
The maximum grant award is $30,000 per project. Applicants
are strongly urged to seek assistance from DNR Fisheries
Division staff in preparing their application. Applications
must be postmarked no later than March 31, 2002.
Projects that benefit the people of Michigan and that meet
one or more of the program objectives cited below are
eligible for funding:
* To protect, maintain, and/or enhance inland aquatic
environments that support (or are capable of supporting) a
significant public fishery.
* To rehabilitate degraded inland fish communities or waters
that support (or are capable of supporting) a significant
public fishery.
* To provide additional or more diverse fishing
opportunities on inland waters that support (or are capable
of supporting) a significant public fishery.
* To foster educational and interpretive communications on
inland fish, fishing and fisheries management to increase
interest in the protection, maintenance, enhancement or
rehabilitation of fish and other forms of aquatic life and
their habitat.
Examples of projects eligible for funding include fish
habitat restoration, bank stabilization, upland erosion
control, fish community rehabilitation, access development
and improvement (fishing piers, platforms and boat ramps)
and fish culture.
The DNR Fisheries Division receives an annual appropriation
of up to $200,000 to administer this grant program. Although
the DNR is accepting new applications for the 2002 grant
cycle, no final decision on whether grants will be issued
this year has been made. If applications are not considered
this year, they may be carried over into 2003.
For more details about project eligibility, contact a
fisheries biologist at the nearest DNR Fisheries Management
Unit Office. Go to for a directory and
watershed map that shows the boundaries for each Fisheries
Management Unit. Application forms and instructions for the
2002 grant program are available online and at each
Fisheries Management Unit Office.

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