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LANSING--Anglers can purchase their 2001 Michigan fishing
licenses starting Thursday, March 1, at more than 1,700
license dealers and Michigan Department of Natural Resources
offices statewide or, for convenience and faster service,
via the Internet at
By clicking on the e-license link on the DNR Web site,
anglers will be able to purchase their fishing licenses for
the new year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Online
customers may use MasterCard or Visa to charge their
purchase, and they will be able to print out their license
from their personal computer.
Any 2001 Michigan fishing license (except the 24-hour
license) purchased between March 1-31 is valid for fishing
during this period, including the April 1, 2001 to March 31,
2002 license year. Anglers who purchase their new fishing
license during March should note the 2000 regulations still
are in effect through March 31.
The DNR launched its new e-license system last December to
improve customer services for the 1.8 million anglers and
hunters who purchase fishing and hunting licenses in
Michigan. In 2000, nearly five million licenses were sold,
generating more than $52,990,000 in gross revenue.
"Our first big test for the system was the sale of this
year's spring turkey license applications, and it passed
with flying colors," said Tom Weston, DNR E-Commerce
Manager. "Nearly 12,000 customers purchased their turkey
application online during January and the overall feedback
was very good."
One of the biggest advantages of the system is that it
allows customers to make their purchase right up to the last
"We sold nearly 2,000 applications in the last three hours,"
Weston said. "During the sale of our special hunt
applications, such as turkey or bear, customers typically
wait until the last eight hours on the last day of the
application period to apply. With e-license, customers can
apply from anywhere rather than driving to a license
This convenience also will be especially helpful to the
nearly 300,000 nonresident anglers who previously had to
wait until they arrived in Michigan to purchase their
license. "They now can have their license in the fishing
vest pocket or wallet before they leave home," Weston said.
E-license also provides customers with access to more DNR
information than ever could be provided at license dealer
locations, and it allows users to e-mail questions directly
to the DNR. Access to a Frequently Asked Questions database
also makes it possible for online users to get the right
answer the first time.
The new year's fishing licenses are available for purchase
on March 1 to accommodate anglers in making a smooth
transition from one license year to another. Anyone planning
to fish on or after April 1 must have a valid 2001 Michigan
fishing license in possession to fish in Michigan waters.
Small game, waterfowl and fur harvester licenses that will
be valid for the 2001-2002 seasons also go on sale March 1.

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