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COLUMBUS, OH -- Ohio's peregrine falcons didn't wait until Valentine's Day to begin their courtship, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife.

Those monitoring the Columbus pair, presumed to still be Bandit and Katie, via the Internet have already seen the birds paired at the nest box and noticed a depression in the gravel floor. Known as a scrape, the birds will make several such depressions before choosing one in which to lay their eggs.

"We've seen some major changes at several of our northeastern Ohio sites," said project coordinator Dave Scott. "Two new birds have moved into the nest tray on Cleveland's Terminal Tower. Wizard, the male at the nearby Bohn Building site, was found dead in Parma. Chesapeake, the female who nested on the Cleveland Clinic, moved to Akron, successfully evicting J.P. One of our volunteer observers reported an aerial sortie at the I-90 bridge that crosses the Cuyahoga River last month. Although last year's pair is still present, we may see more changes yet this spring."

Peregrines have successfully nested at several Cleveland sites, in Akron, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton. Biologists expect additional nests as paired birds have been seen in Lima and Sandusky.

Most of Ohio's peregrine falcons will choose mates and nesting sites by mid-March. People who see peregrines are asked to report the location of the birds and their leg band numbers, if legible, to a Division of Wildlife district office.

The ODNR Division of Wildlife's peregrine falcon management project is funded by contributions made through a state income tax checkoff to the wildlife diversity fund and sales of a special wildlife conservation license plate.


For Further Information Contact:

Dave Scott, Project Coordinator

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Columbus Site: Donna Daniel

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Dayton/Cincinnati: Rick Jasper

(937) 372-9261

Cleveland Sites: Steve Wilcox

(330) 644-2293

Akron/Canton Sites: Tom Henry

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Toledo/Lima Sites: Bill Roshak

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