Article Posted: August 31, 2000

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COLUMBUS, OH - Governor Bob Taft today urged Ohio teachers, drug counselors, and DARE officers to volunteer for a statewide natural resource promotion and drug awareness program known as Hooked On Fishing - Not On Drugs.

Since 1993, the national program has benefited more than 200,000 school-age children in Ohio by introducing them to recreational fishing. At the same time, these children receive a strong message about avoiding alcohol and substance abuse, and how to lead a productive life through participation in positive activities such as fishing.

"This program is good for families and it is good for the future of sports fishing in Ohio, said Taft. "Last year about 30,000 young people and their parents participated in Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs."

Through its outdoor skills section, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife is hosting four workshops this fall that are designed to introduce educators and community counselors to the Hooked On Fishing - Not On Drugs program and the extensive support offered through the state's wildlife division. This support includes educator training, free student materials, free fishing and aquatic exploration equipment, and subsidy grants to help fund fishing trips and other aquatic education activities.

Training workshops are scheduled for September 7 in Springfield and Findlay, September 13 in Newark, and October 13 in Akron. The Akron and Findlay workshops are being held at the wildlife district headquarters. The Springfield workshop will be at the ODNR Division of Watercraft office at Buck Creek State Park. The Newark workshop is being held at Dawes Aboretum.

All workshops are limited to 30-40 participants and are held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Registration closes five days prior to each workshop. The events are offered free of charge and sponsored by the ODNR Division of Wildlife, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Future Fisherman Foundation.

Workshop participants will receive the Hooked On Fishing - Not On Drugs teacher's guide and aquatic resources education curriculum that are designed for students in grades K-12. They will also learn various methods on how to implement the Hooked On Fishing program in their communities and how to receive additional support through the Division of Wildlife.

"Recreational fishing is fun and exciting. It offers many rewards and for many kids, the Hooked On Fishing - Not On Drugs program may be their first opportunity to enjoy recreational fishing," Division of Wildlife Chief Mike Budzik.

Educators and others who are interested in registering for a workshop or want to learn more about the Hooked On Fishing - Not On Drugs program can 1-800-WILDLIFE.

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