WCO Report / August 2000: PA

Article Posted: August 01, 2000

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WCO Report / August 2000

Independence Day Treat…
the Erie Area has grabbed yet another state record fish slot. On July 4th,
Fazle Buijubasic of Erie landed a 19# 10 oz Brown Trout while fishing by the
small boat launch ramp at Walnut Creek Access. Measuring 32.25" with a 22"
girth, it took nearly 20 minutes to land without the help of a landing net.
This couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
Three years ago Fazle had a successful business in Bosnia repairing TV sets &
small computers. Fighting broke out, causing his family to flee for their
lives. One night just prior to their escape, their compound was riddled with
machine gun fire. The result was 15 bullet holes in their son's sleeping
bag, which he was occupying. Three of the bullets passed through the sleeve
material of his pajamas. Having to travel light, his personal belongings
were limited to a book & two fishing rods…. Quite a tribute to his love of
the sport of angling.
Fishing practically every day at Walnut, officers have come to know Fazle and
his family. He has always been helpful to less experienced anglers by
providing tips, line, or some of his homemade secret "Fazle-bait". (I know
of one woman from downstate that caught her first steelhead on this
concoction he provided to her and is now hooked for life on fishing and
eternally grateful to him)
When asked about his catch… Fazle said "It is so special that I caught this
fish on Independence Day." It causes one to reflect on the freedoms that so
many Americans take for granted and the common thread that binds those that
love fishing and the outdoors.

Upcoming area "water related" events…
Don't miss the opportunities coming up to enjoy the water with your family.
Event times & locations are available at the contact numbers listed: ...Rock
on Dobbins (814-456-8829) … Erie Days festivities and fireworks
(814-833-7343)… the return of the Flagship Niagara Parade & Fireworks
(814-452-2744) … the Labor Day Waldameer Fireworks (814-838-3591).

Fishing report …
Large Walleye continue to show up on the scales. I see more 10# + Walleye
in a day than I used to see in an entire year. The number of fish caught has
been sporadic. Some days the coolers are full and others aren't so full.
The fish seem to be in small pockets rather in the large schools of the past.
The trick seems to be in locating them. Success has been noticed on patrols
from 35' of water off of Trout Run, the First Trench, 3 miles northeast of
the first channel buoy, and even out at the bend in the US / Canada line
Bass fishermen are having success by trolling the bass waters in the lake.
This seems to reduce the Goby catch rate … several 5# + fish have been
observed caught by this method.

Stress ….
It seems funny to talk to anglers coming in off the lake that have caught 80
pounds of walleye and maybe another 60 pounds of steelhead & hear them
complain about the poor fishing conditions. The walleye catch rates of the
late 1980's seems to have become the "measuring stick" to compare successful
fishing by. Perhaps more focus should be placed on why we started fishing
in the first place … as a recreational experience to escape the stress of the
work week. The anglers and boaters that carry that stress with them to the
water can always be picked out at the launch ramps and crowded tributaries
during the steelhead runs.

Steelhead …
Occasional steelhead are being caught after rains. Verified catches have
occurred at Legion Park on Elk Creek, Rt.5 on Elk, & at the Walnut Access.
Steelhead have been caught regularly in the lake by trolling large spoons off
the downriggers. Indications are that the fish will be on the large side
this fall. I would expect 8# to 12# to be a normal size. Anglers at Walnut
Creek Access Area "must" remember that they must remove lines from the water
for passing boats. It is a PFBC regulation and will be aggressively
enforced. If you have a problem retrieving lines fast enough or are bothered
by the number of boats going through … it is suggested that you change
fishing locations upstream of the basin entrance. Damage to lower unit seals
occur when fishing line becomes entangled in props.

Reduced Walleye Limit…
Recent reports have surfaced out of Ohio concerning a lakewide reduction in
the Walleye limits. This recommendation came from the Great Lakes Fisheries
Commission's Lake Erie Committee. The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission is
a member of that committee. Our Lake Erie Research Unit is currently
reviewing their data…. PFBC Creel survey crews are asking anglers their
opinions on creel limit reduction and the Commission would hold public
hearings for anglers prior to any proposed changes being considered.

Nice Function ..
Elk Valley Sportsmen Club will be holding their Annual Chicken and Corn
Dinner on Saturday, August 12, 2000. It will be at our new pavilion located
on our club grounds at the mouth of Elk Creek. Dinner served from 5:30 PM to
7:30 PM only. Tickets are available from the club officers. Donation - $15
per couple.

Pollution Reports ...
have been received concerning a "scum" of material along the east county
shoreline. This is primarily algae that is in a state of decomposition.
Testing has shown it to be a natural phenomenon and no cause for alarm.
Further information or health risk concerns may be obtained from the Erie
County Health Department @ 451-6700

Source: WCO John Bowser

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