Article Posted: May 02, 2000

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Erie WCO Report / May 2000
Pa. Fish & Boat Commission

WCO Ann Caretto Central Erie County
Crappies & Yellow Perch continue to be caught in the Edinboro Lake Fingers.
Officers have received complaints from landowners on litter and parking. Use
the same consideration that you would expect from a guest on your property.

Yellow Perch are being caught off of the North Pier in the Erie Channel. The
size limit is 8". The Round Goby will be appearing in large numbers. If you
feel that you should kill them, please take them home & dispose of them
properly otherwise return them to the water. Tossing Goby on shore will
result in a littering violation as well as a health hazard.

The limit on minnows is 50 per person. Recent violations have found people
in possession of over 700 through seining. The penalty for being over the
limit on any fish species is a base fine of $50.00 with an additional fine of
$20.00/fish at the District Court's discretion. Some quick math will quickly
convince anyone that some careful counting is better than risking a potential
$12,000 fine.

WCO John W. Bowser Western Erie County

Smallmouth Bass are being caught in 33' to 38' of water just west of Elk
Creek. Angler contacts have found that white tube jigs with black flecks are
doing well and yielding 60+ hookups per outing.

Walnut Creek Access is no opened to the creek and reading of 4-5' are present
in mid-channel. Docks & launch ramps should be in soon with the building
manned 7 days/week starting May 13th during the days.

The steelhead smolts have worked their way down Walnut Creek to the mouth.
Walleye should be appearing of the mouth of tribs about the second week in
May. It is imperative to fish in total darkness for these as I have observed
even the moon peeking out from a cloud will shut them off due to extreme
light sensitivity.

Yellow Perch should be showing up off shore soon. Steelhead & stocked Brown
Trout will remain available in the tribs. Bluegills & Crappie fishing should
be excellent in Horseshoe Pond & the lagoons.

Quick Tips to save lives and $$$$$$
Do "not" wear hip boots while boating!!
Wear your PFD while boating in cold water!!
Check Visual Distress Signals for expiration dates!!
Check Fire Extinguisher to be sure it is fully charged!!
Make initial boating trips near shore until you are certain there are no
mechanical problems from winter storage!!

Quick tips to make you feel good.
Take a child with you on your next fishing trip
Pick up at least one piece of litter each trip
Offer some of you catch to a landowner that has permitted you to fish on
his/her property
Join a sportsmen club that helps the area kids or the environment
Turn in a violator they are not stealing fish from the Fish & Boat
Commission they are stealing fish from kids, honest anglers, & future
Display patience with those that are ignorant or rude while fishing or
boating don't let them ruin your day. Stress should be left behind when
you get a chance to go fishing.

A listing of upcoming scheduled boating safety courses for Erie County. All
operators of Personal Watercraft "must" have a Boating Safety Certificate
this year. Call to register & check cost.

County /Organization/CourseTitle
/CourseLocation/CourseCity/CourseDate/CourseTime/ Contact/Phone

Erie Gannon University - Basic Boating Gannon Univesity Erie
5/3/2000 5:30 PM (814) 871-5459

Erie PFBC Basic Boating - Northeast Marina
Northeast 5/7/2000 9:00 AM WCO Kerr (814) 796-1378

Erie Penn State Erie Basic Boating -The Behrand College Erie
5/10/2000 5:30 PM Janice (814) 896-6103

Erie Gannon University PWC Equivalency -Gannon University Erie 5
/10/2000 6:00 PM (814) 871-5459

Erie Edinboro University/Erie Basic Boating Poreco Ctr 2951 W 38th
St. Erie 5/24/2000 5:30 PM - Beth Zewe (814) 836-1955

Erie Edinboro University/Erie - PWC Equiv.-Poreco Ctr 2951 W 38th
St-Erie-5/31/2000 - 6:00 PM- Beth Zewe- (814) 836-1955

Erie Gannon University - Basic Boating -Gannon University Erie
6/7/2000 5:30 PM (814) 871-5459

Source: WCO John Bowser

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