Highlights of the Professional Walleye Trail (PWT) tournament : OH

Article Posted: April 24, 2000

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The Professional Walleye Trail (PWT) tournament ended last week in Port Clinton. One day of the 3 day contest was cancelled due to weather. Here’s some quick results:

The winner was Dan Plautz of Muskego, WI. His two day 10 Walleyes ( 5 per day limit ) weighed in at 82.91 pounds. This earned him a $50,000 paycheck on Friday!

The big fish of the tournament was 14.64 pounds!

Best one day for 5 fish was 48.48 pounds.

One hundred and forty boats weighed in 902 Walleyes in 2 days weighing 5,938 pounds.
The average weight was 6.58 pounds with 35 fish went over 10 pounds! Most of these fish were caught trolling North of "C" Can and Niagara Reef in 30 ft. plus of water.

Any doubts where the Walleye capital of the world is?

Source: Captain Walt Ermansons - Trophy Charters

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