PA Erie County Pre-Season Fishing & Boating Quiz:

Article Posted: April 01, 2000

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Erie WCO Report / April 2000
Pa. Fish & Boat Commission
WCO John W. Bowser

Erie County Pre-Season Fishing & Boating Quiz

The following questions are intended to sharpen everyone up on the current
Rules & Regulations in a format that is a little more entertaining than just
listing them... Any perfect scores can contact me for a Deputy
application.... jb

1) If fishing at the Fairview Gravel Pit on the Opening Day of Trout
Season, which of the following is in compliance with the maximum creel limit
& size limits?
a) 3 trout ...15"+
b) 5 trout ... 7"+
c) 7 trout ... 8"+
d) 8 trout ... 9"+

2) If fishing Elk Creek on Opening Day of Trout, which of the following is
in compliance with the maximum creel & size limits?
A) 3 trout 15"+
B) 5 trout 7"+ & only 3 trout can be over 15"
C) 8 trout 9"+ & only 3 trout can be 15"+
D) 9 trout over 7"+

3) Personal watercraft are required to ....
A) Have a whistle or horn on board
B) Have a fire extinguisher on board
C) Have a boating safety certificate for the operator on board
D) Have the operator "wearing" a PFD
E) all of the above

4) Canoes or rowboats are required to be registered...
A) Never
B) only if equipped with a motor
C) only if using PFBC launches, lakes, or access areas
D) b & c
E) always

5) Federally documented boats which have Pa as their state of principal use
are required to also have Pa State Registration if...
A) It is used for chartering to fishermen in Pa.
B) It is used for Dive Charters for Burbot in Pa waters
C) it is used in commercial towing & salvage operations
D) it is used solely for pleasure
E) they are not a sailboat

6) If you catch your legal limit at Lake Pleasant on the opening day of
trout and then go to a Lake Erie Tributary to fish, how many more fish can
you take/catch/kill or possess that day from the trib?
A) 0
B) 3
C) 5
D) 8

7) If you catch your legal limit from a Lake Erie tributary and then go to
the Fairview Gravel Pit to fish, how many can you take/catch/kill or possess
from the Gravel Pit?
A) 0
B) 3
C) 5
D) 8

8) If fishing close to the Ohio/Pa line on Lake Erie and you find your GPS
reading 80 degrees 30.1 minutes, you should...
A) Have the proper Pa Fishing License
B) Have the proper Ohio Fishing License
C) Not worry about it because it is a boundary lake and either one is good
E) Look for the buoys marking the line

9) Which of the following waters will "not" be stocked with put & take trout
this Opening Day?
A) Cascade Creek
B) Waterworks Ponds
C) Walnut Creek
D) Crooked Creek
E) Twenty Mile Creek

10) Which of the following statements are/is "not" true??
A) Fairview Gravel Pit is closed to fishing April 1st - April 15th @ 8 AM
B) Trout fishing closes on Elk Creek @ Midnight April 13th - 32 hours before
the Opener
C) It is permissible to net minnows in Walnut Creek on April 14th
D) Round Goby can be used for bait at the Gravel Pit
E) Steelhead are allowed to be harvested year round in Lake Erie

11) From April 15th - June 16th, the creel and size limit on Bass in the
tribs & Lake Erie are:
A) 1 Bass / 12"+
B) 1 Bass / 15"+
C) 1 Bass / 20"+
D) 4 Bass / 15"+
E) 6 Bass / 15"+

12) Which of the following is/are "not" a violation(s) of the Fish & Boat
Code ?
A) Building a fire along Crooked Creek without landowner permission
B) Roping off a section of shoreline the night before Trout Season at the
Fairview Gravel Pit
C) Operating a boat with only Type IV Pfd's (seat cushions) on board
D) Fishing in approved trout waters opening day without a Trout Stamp
E) Throwing a Round Goby into the brush at the North Pier
F) Catching & keeping an 8" steelhead smolt
G) A 10 year old child in a canoe not wearing a PFD
H) To take trout from another person after you have caught your limit
I) To fish in Girard Borough Pond if you are over the age of 12 and not
J) To cast repeatedly on a clearly visible Bass nest
K) Bait a hook for a child without you having a current Fishing License

Answers: 1(b) , 2(c), 3(e), 4(d), 5(d), 6(b), 7(a), 8(a), 9(c), 10 (d&e),
11(c), 12(k)

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