Maumee River Walleye Run

      The month of March begins the walleye run up the Maumee River. The mouth of the Maumee River is located at the most southwestern part of Lake Erie and the City of Toledo, Ohio. Here the walleye begin their journey to the spawning grounds of the Maumee River.

The combination of the rising spring run off waters, river bottom of small rocks and gravel make for excellent walleye spawning grounds. Most of the good fishing action in the Maumee River occurs during the spawning time of mid March thru April.

The hot spot is along the town of Maumee and south several miles up the Maumee River. In Maumee River terms this would be north of Ewing Island, then south to Tall Timber Rapids at the south end of Side Cut Metropark on the west bank.

Wading in the Maumee River and casting up stream is the usual method to catch these spring spawners. A good bait is a lead-headed jig with a colored twister tail. Colors to try should include chartreuse, orange, pink & yellow.

First come the 18 to 20 inch jacks then the big female follow. Close to a half million walleye have entered the river in past years.

Many vendors can be found in the area hot spots selling the favorite bait of lead-headed jigs with assorted style tails in many colors. Other fishing gear and snacks are also available at the many vendors trucks and car trunks.

End April, beginning of May brings warmer waters and spawn completed. The walleye are now replaced with the spawning white bass.

THE NEW 2001 DAILY BAG LIMIT FOR WALLEYE IS 4 FISH UNTIL MAY 1. Check your 2001 ODNR fishing license changes.

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View towards the north side of Ewing Island from Perrysburg on the east bank

View of Ewing Island from the boat launch on the east bank at Orleans Park. Plenty of parking here.

View of Fort Meigs from the west bank route 20 bridge

View from Fort Meigs on the east bank looking towards Rt. 20 bridge. This side has plenty of parking. This is truly an excellent hot spot. Many large female walleye have been hooked in the deeper slower moving waters off Fort Meigs

View of Blue Grass Island from Buttonwood Campground on the east bank. This entire area around Blue Grass Island is excellent. The island can be approached by wading through the river channel from the west side at Side Cut Metropark. Caution is a must during the spring as the water can rise quickly making for a difficult return through the river channel. Area is fished heavy with days of shoulder to shoulder. From here to the beginning of Fallen Timber Rapids many walleye are taken.

View of Tall Timber Rapids from Side Cut Metropark on the west bank.

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