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Fishing Report Posted: April 25, 2005

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 25, 2005 at 22:02:43:

A wild ride! Ohioís weather never ceases to amaze me. It was in the 80ís and summer like earlier in the week. By the weekend, yet another gale warning was in effect with winds to 40 knots and white out conditions with heavy rain changing to all snow! As I write this report on Sunday afternoon, it is about as miserable as it can be. This will be the third major blow that has rocked the lake this April. Surprisingly, the two previous blows didnít seem to have any negative effects on the Walleye fishing. Can the lake take yet another big stirring without slowing things down, itís anybodyís guess? If we get out and once again get right into fantastic fishing as if nothing had happened, I would say what a year weíre in store for. Thus far itís been as good as Iíve ever seen it!

This past week, we jigged as well as did some trolling for our fish. There has been an excellent trolling bite in the south passage around Starve Island (south side of South Bass Island). Most guys are pulling Reef Runners off the planer boards. We did oursí on #40 Jets, 50 ft. back and Michigan Stinger Spoons. By May, this will be the preferred trolling method. Jigging the Walleyes up was ridiculously easy still this past week. Best water depths continue to get slightly deeper. We did most of our jigging fish in 15 to 17 ft. of water. The Smallmouth Bass are really starting to fire up. On my last charter on Friday, we must have caught as many Bass as we did Walleyes! All 3 to 4 pounders as well! Remember the season closes May 1st for the Bass and you canít keep any until the last Saturday in June. Water temps off of Toledo Harbor is now in the low 50ís. How will the fishing be after this major storm? Stay tuned!

Capt. Walt

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