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Fishing Report Posted: May 04, 2003

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 04, 2003 at 21:40:48:

A pretty good week. The weather wasn�t too awfully bad this past week; in fact on a couple of days it was down right nice. The fishing was just like the weather, the nicer the better. We caught fish all three ways. We jigged on a few trips, dragged bottom bouncers and crawlers on a couple of trips and as I mentioned last week, we even trolled a little bit this past week.

The best �bite� by far was west of the �nuke� tower on the beach anywhere from 8 or 9 ft. of water to 19 and 20 ft. depending on water clarity. We absolutely smoked the Walleyes last Monday in 7 ft. of water in front of Crane Creek! These fish were taken on blade baits. This won�t last much longer as water temps continue to climb. More and more Walleyes are being taken on nightcrawlers. We caught some more around North Bass over the weekend. Most were only around 3 pounds, which kind of surprised me. This area usually produces lots of post spawn big Walleyes.

The one and only day we trolled �The Trophy� last week we caught some Walleyes around C Can. These fish were taken on #20 Jets with Stinger Spoons and Fenwick Wobbling Minnows. We were using Fire Line in 20 lb. test trolled 60 to 100 ft. back. The real big trolling bite is still going on north of Kelly�s Island. I hope to put a couple of good days in there this coming week.

Water temps are now above 50 degrees and we are seeing more and more Sheephead starting to turn on along with some nice Yellow Perch and Smallmouth. May is a happening month here in the western basin. More and more Walleyes will begin to suspend and start to feed aggressively now that the spawn is over. The weather should continue to become more and more summer like with each passing day. If you have been waiting to go, wait no longer. It�s happening!

Capt. Walt

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