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Fishing Report Posted: May 01, 2003

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Posted by Homerun Charters on May 01, 2003 at 19:33:04:

5/1/03 update to Maumee River walleye and white bass

Here we are, May 1st. Be sure you check out your local DNR regulations for fishing the Maumee River before going down to the river. Treble hooks (for Mepps or Rooster Tail spinners - white bass favorites) are allowed along with some other fishing changes including daily bag limit of 6 walleye now.

The thunderstorms in the area should help bring water levels up. We saw some very good fishing yesterday. There are some pretty active fish in the area, with your deeper pools still holding walleye. This is a super time to get out there and go fishing people. Fewer crowds, warmer weather, hungry male walleye that strike jigs more aggressively. With the storms predicted I suspect that this will raise water levels and make fishing easier for the walleye. We know that the walleye are less spooky with some cloudier water - that is why they tend to bite more readily in the morning and evening on the Maumee River - these fish are light sensitive.

Action is there for the taking and fishing now can produce fast action and the mixed bag of chunky male eater walleye with white bass. Also a good time to switch to the 1/8 oz lead heads about 18 inches apart with a 2" twister in bright colors to double your chances of catching walleye or white bass. Don't be afraid to try something different away from the #4 floater jigs (like small lead heads). Go with 6 lb test if you can get away with it and remember to release your female walleyes.

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