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Fishing Report Posted: April 28, 2003

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Posted by Homerun Charters on April 28, 2003 at 00:17:49:

One of our guides just got off the river this Sunday evening. The females still have some eggs in them. In fact, we caught a large 8 or 9 pounder on Friday that still had eggs spewing out of it. That goes to show that the cold March is still affecting these fish and set the spawning period back a few weeks. Its just that the water level is not optimum right now. It would be nicer if the water level was up. I think a big rain would bring more fish up the river and trigger active feeding. That would be a great time to get some nice eater males. To repeat - we caught a big female on Friday (released) and it was full of eggs - looked to be right in the middle of the spawn.
Sunday 9:10 p.m.------just got home from the river. Seemed like the fishing is
picking back up. I had about 2 hours to fish this time out of Bluegrass Island. In
those 2 hours I saw a guy fishing where the boats usually line up in the middle of the river, he caught
about 10 fish in an hour only kept one. The guys around me were also
catching fish. I only picked up about 3 or 4. Saw ALOT of fish coming up
to the top of the water. Two walleye right on top of each other came up
about 5 feet in front me. Then the bigger of the 2 came up 2 more times.

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