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Fishing Report Posted: April 24, 2003

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Posted by Homerun Charters on April 24, 2003 at 12:26:16:

Hello -

After 6-8 hours of hard fishing yesterday, things did not pick up. Our group had one walleye caught legally with 8 or so snagged (and released) fish. Fish were available but we have been working harder than normal to get ours. There are a couple of reasons for this.... The fish were not acitvely feeding, rather sitting unactive on the bottom. There is no doubt that much needed rain would help out the walleye cause. This tells us a couple of things. Rain would stir some things up and get some fresh water in the Maumee River System putting fish on the feed. The fishing the post spawn run is dependent on decent water levels. Since the river is much lower than average, the next move is to lighter tackle.
A recommended setup would be a 6' light to medium rod with fresh 8lb test. Stick with the deeper holes and that is where you will find your post-spawn fish. It is important to find these holes and keep hammering away. Stick with your floaters and lighter 1/4 - 1/16 oz. jigs now with the 3" tails. Never hurts to try different variations and new combos/sizes. 5-6 white bass also spotted during yesterdays expedition. Thanks.

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